Friday, June 21, 2013

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

I was out in the yard this week breaking up twigs for my rabbits and I saw one of these yellow bellied sapsucker birds up in the tree. I knew what it was from the sound alone that it makes and what kind of pest they can be too, even if they are a very innocent looking bird.

They are part of the woodpecker family and they are very destructive when it comes to trees, destroying over 250 different species of trees in the process of getting sap and insects from them. Even with there destructive nature, they are still a great find while in the yard or out in nature as they tend to get shy when people and other animals are around.

The one above me in the tree was anything but shy, as it continued on its task at hand of boring a hole in the tree at an incredible rate of speed. It was great company as I listened and continued with my daily errands.

Happy trails!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rabbits Against Magic

This is a cute comic strip I came across late last year and being I love rabbits and everything that has to do with them, this comic of Eightball and Weenus makes me smile each time I read it. Not all of them are funny like some comics are meant to do all the time as you have to read between the lines so to speak to understand what they are talking about, but it's a good read each day, plus reading them daily helps too as it continues on each day most of the time.

I read all of my comics online at GoComics which is where this one comes from, as does my favorite Calvin and Hobbes, and if you want a cute read of cuddly bunnies with some attitude and sarcasm, this one I recommend. It's written and drawn by Jonathon Lemon who I think does a good job with this strip for being his first comic. Click on link to see Rabbits Against Magic at GoComics. Happy trails!!

Kitten On A Mission

Look at this cute kitten. Isn't he/she adorable as ever? When I first saw it I wanted to reach out and hold it in my arms it's so cute looking.

The more I looked at this picture the more I thought about it and what the kitten is doing. It has that look of determination like it's on a mission of some kind and was going to win no matter what.

What do you think of when you see it? Does it make you smile? It made me smile instantly and I'm still smiling! :)

Happy trails everyone!

To Kill a Mockingbird or Not

This was sent to my phone this week by a friend and I got a big chuckle from it as I looked at the kitty and the look on it's face, and what book it was reading. Too funny! I don't know where this originated at but whoever made it deserves a big thank you and a big hug too, as it made my day and my friends too as I sent it to them all.

Happy trails everyone!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Calvin Grows Up

This depiction of Calvin as a grown up young man takes me back to when my mom died almost 12 years ago and it can make you sad in a way, but happy too, as I have often opened old boxes of my old toys and dolls, and some things my mom had too when she was younger and reflect on my younger self, just as Calvin is doing as he reflects back to his good friend Hobbes.

If you didn't know already, Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite cartoon to read and laugh upon.

Happy Trails!!

Giraffe Necked Weevil

This is a cool looking insect. Have a closer look at it and you will see it's an insect you don't see very often if at all. This particular species lives in Madagascar, Africa and I've seen one there when I was in Africa last year. They are very small, just under an inch in length, the males having a longer neck than the females, most 2 to 3 times larger. When breeding, the females lays one egg, much like a chicken does, just not multiple ones. For only being an inch long, it gives the appearance of being a bad-ass bug of the beetle family of insects.

Happy Trails!!

*** Photo taken and courtesy of British photographer Dale Morris with

Sea Eagle's

Sea Eagle's. Have you ever heard of one? I hadn't until last year when I was researching another bird and I when I came across it I was a little surprised I'd not heard of it before, so I did some research lately on them and found some very interesting facts about them I wanted to share with everyone.  

Pictured above is the white-tailed sea eagle in Scotland, as it snatches a fish from the water. White-tailed sea eagles became extinct in Britain in early to mid part of the 1910's, between 1915 to 1917, and the species disappeared from the wild for over 50 years!!! It wasn't until 1975 that the first reintroduction was carried out, with a total of 140 birds returning to the wild over the course of 20 years. These birds have gone on to establish a very large population of over 80 breeding pairs in and around the islands of Scotland. That's cool.

Happy Trails!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bug Stompers

I can see it now, someone is walking on a sidewalk or some other place and they stomp on a bug for no reason what so ever. Why do they do that? Did the bug hurt them? Insult them? Scream at them? Kick them? Call them a name? No they didn't, so why do some people do it at all? It's plain being mean is how I see it. I have asked people in the past why they stomped on the bug and they shrug there shoulders at me and move on.

I can see killing a roach or even a house fly, as they carry germs, but butterflies and caterpillars, grasshoppers and lizards, they can do no harm nor do they carry germs, so the ones reading this that have squashed, mashed, and killed bugs for no reason at all, think to yourself, what are you going to say to God when he asks you why you killed one of his creations for no reason? If you don't believe in God, that's your own decision, but that doesn't give you the right to kill for the simple reason of killing. It's wrong!

Most house spiders are not harmful. The little spiders living in the corners of your room are your friends as they kill the little insects that get in and help keep your room clean. When you kill them, it's like killing the maid in a round about way. The larger spiders around your house, most are not harmful but they can be if they feel threatened, and so I can see ridding them from your house, but not killing them.

Ants are good and bad depending on the color of them. Larger Red and Black ants you don't want around as most will attack you first, so yes, getting rid of them is best. Bee's and other such stingers, they are pests and that's all, as most won't harm you if you leave them alone. Yellow Jackets, they are moody and some attack while others don't, but don't kill them for no reason. Don't piss them off when trying to kill them, as they have many friends who stand by them. Some will travel for miles to get revenge.

All the other insects, most are harmless. Please don't kill them as they are my friends just as all the animals in nature are. There are many mean and nasty animals in the wild, but that doesn't give anyone a reason to just kill them for the heck of it. Treat bugs and insects the same. They have a job here on the planet just as we do.

Happy Trails!      

RSS and Google Reader

From my last post about Google Reader being axed forever not much else has changed as they go bye bye on July 1st, so I have added my RSS Feed just to the left so you can add me to whatever reader you might be using once Google Reader bites the dust. I'm still lost on why they want to get rid of it but hey, life goes on and there are other readers we can all use. I'm using NetVibes and I love it. I can add my own feeds and also pick from there many thousands of feeds to add to my reader page. It can't get any easier than what they have to offer. Check them out. NetVibes Reader

Oh btw, you can subscribe to my posts only or the comments only near the bottom of the left sidebar too. That might vanish too from some gossip I've been hearing. More on that later. 

Happy Trails!!

Spammers Beware

I'm easy to get along with and my friends will tell you that. I write from knowledge and my own heart but when people come here to my blog and insult me and insult how I write, well that tends to make me angry. Most of my friends say I never get angry and I tell them they should come here and read some of the filth many people have commented about to me and maybe then they will see I do get angry at times. Just know this spammers and all the others who post your dirty links in your comments in my posts, nothing gets posted here without my ok. If you spam me I report you to my host, who take care of people who have nothing better to do than to post filth. Post your garbage elsewhere please. You are wasting your time and mine by coming here and posting links to your filth. I wouldn't go to those links even if a gun was pointed to my head. There are adult sites for your nasty links and NOT HERE!! Everyone else, Happy Trails!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader Being Axed??

Let me get this straight. Google has up and decided to kill the Google Reader service only because it doesn't make any money? Are they serious? I don't make any money by writing on this blog. I mean I could if I wanted to but it would be like someone paying me to write in my diary. I depend on Google Reader and have for a few years to get my messages out to my readers and they want to kill it? I mean out of the blue they decide to axe it and don't bother to let us at least discuss it or have some say in the matter? It's enough to make a person boil over when they depend on a service to make them better and make it easier for the readers to follow a certain blog. Correct me if I'm wrong on this please.

If I recall, the Friend Connect is powered through and works with Google Reader. Will that be axed too? I don't know but I intend to find out. From what I have read so far, Google decided to axe Google Reader to get more people and bloggers to integrate into the Google+ social network. The thing is, I do that already and have done that since it first came out. I use a couple different readers and feeds to get my messages out. I basically don't understand Google wanting to axe something that is very popular on many networks for so many people around the world. When someone finds out why, instead of just a money issue kind of thing as being the sole reason, would you please bonk me in the head and tell me please?

Happy Trails!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looney Tunes

How about something to make you laugh. Many may remember this great cartoon classic but I only got to see them as reruns only.

This episode is called Zoom at the Top, from Road Runner & Wile E Coyote.

The other video I had here was removed by Youtube.

Happy Trails!

Wild Baby Rabbit Care

Let's say you're out in your yard doing some yard work and you happen to see a wild baby rabbit. You stand and take notice and watch it hop away, and like most people, you will follow it to see where it might go. Let's say the rabbit seems injured in some way and you don't know what to do for it. What should you do? Seek help first!

Wild rabbits often make their nests in areas that boggle our minds... sometimes right in the middle of your front or backyard. They are hiding in plain sight as often as they can to keep from predators that they naturally fear that would be too timid to enter those areas. They don't count on the family dog or cat also being a problem though.

The way that a mother rabbit cares for the babies limits her time in the nest, which further makes it less likely a predator will find the nest. So if you find a nest of baby rabbits, think twice before doing anything that requires that you touch the baby rabbits or disturb the nest. If you see one that is injured, DO NOT TOUCH it unless you have Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit (68A-9.006 in Florida) as it is illegal to handle a wild rabbit even if it's in your own yard. Contact either the Humane Society or the Wildlife Department in your area if you have a concern about a wild rabbit that might need assistance. If you happen to find a nest that has been disturbed, do all you can to restore and protect it rather than bring the baby rabbits inside. If a dog has discovered the nest, you can put a wheelbarrow over it, so that the mother can get to it but the dog can't.

Very young wild baby bunnies with eyes closed and ears back rarely survive in captivity, even given the most expert human care; I know this because I do it for a living and so it is very important to determine whether they really need help. If help isn't available in your area, try to assess whether the infants seem warm and healthy or cold, thin, and dehydrated. One test for dehydration is to gently pinch the loose skin at the back of the neck. If it stays in a "tent," the bunny is dehydrated and needs rehabilitation. Another test is to stroke the genital area to stimulate elimination. I know that sounds strange but it's necessary if you want to help the rabbit. If the pee is brown and gritty, the mother rabbit has not been there to help the bunnies urinate. The brown, gritty urine is toxic, and the infant bunny must be cared for ASAP! If there is no help in your area, you can call the National Wildlife Federation or even the World Wildlife Federation and they can get help to your area.

Happy Trails! #WildlifeWednesday

Grey-breasted Prinia

The Grey-breasted Prinia (Prinia hodgsonii), also known as Tea Gobbling Birds, is originally from Eastern India. They forage in the tea bushes and come up for a look every now and then.

This skulking passerine bird is typically found in open woodlands, scrub jungles, and other open areas with some grass type of grass. Grey-breasted Prinia builds its nest in tall grass and lays 3–4 eggs.

These 4 to 5 in long birds have short rounded wings, a longish tail, strong legs and a short black bill. In breeding plumage, adults are grey-brown above, with no supercilium, a black eye stripe and orange eyering. They have a rufous wing panel. Grey-breasted Prinia's underparts are white with a grey breast band. The sexes are identical.

Non-breeding birds have browner upper part plumage and a white supercilium, but lack the breast band. Young birds are like non-breeding adults but more rufous above. There are a number of subspecies. The distinctive greyer endemic race in Sri Lanka, retains summer-type plumage all year round.

Like most warblers, Grey-breasted Prinia is insectivorous. The song is a repetitive chiwee-chiwee-chiwee-chip-chip-chip.

Happy Trails!