Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ireland Bound & Oiled Turtles


Tomorrow morning we leave for Ireland for a month!! Woohoo!!  It's about time too. We have been wanting to go for the last 6 months and the time to go is about here. It's about 10 hours flying time total with a 1 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta. I'm sure we will sleep most of the trip being the only thing out the windows will be water, which is what I usually do on long trips. As excited as I am right now about going, I doubt I will sleep much tonight, on the plane, or even when we get there until like 2 days later. lol

I will be updating my blog while in Ireland.

Turtles in Gulf of Mexico

Megan and I, along with our friends Nick and Brad, did some volunteer work with the U.S. Wildlife Department in Mississippi since last week. I called them to see what we could do for them through my grant for my bunnies, being I'm sponsored thru the Florida Wildlife Dept. and they gave me a list of needs, info on obtaining access, etc., and when we got there, I cried. Oh my gosh! I had never seen so many turtles covered in oil like what we saw in front of our eyes. They were so helpless. The workers put us to work, first showing us how to clean them, handle them, etc., and we spent 5 days cleaning countless turtles. I still have oil in my skin (I had gloves on too) from the many turtles I cleaned and got to know real well. Each turtle that came my way, I named myself as each one were like little friends thanking me for taking the time to help them out. I enjoyed every last minute of what I did for them.

Being this trip to Ireland has been planned for the last 6 months and everything has been paid for in advance, that is the only reason we are going. If not for that, I would stay where we were in Mississippi cleaning and cleaning until every last turtle was spotless, then move on to the many birds and other mammals in the area that need our help too. I do plan on returning after our trip, but it will have to be a short stay being my own bunnies need me too.

The oil problem in the water is not going away with a blink of an eye, so maybe you can help out to if you have some free time. Call your local wildlife depts and fisheries, and help out our little friends of the world.

Happy trails!