Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wild Rabbits Video

This is an amazing video of a wild rabbit family living in a ladys backyard garden. In the video, which is in German, you can see the rabbits building a nest and the mama bunny digging out and nursing the babies. Unfortunately, the mama bunny was very sick (you can see that her left eye is infected). She later died, but the babies did survive.

The babies are sooo cute!

Video courtesy of The House Rabbit Society through YouTube.

Rabbits Mutilated

I was reading through the news tonight and this hit me straight in the face!

Friday, June 11, 2010
NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (AP) -- A 23-year-old Massachusetts man has been arrested in the mutilations and killings of five pet rabbits at a construction company.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says Wayne C. Brackett was arrested Friday on charges including animal cruelty and killing an animal. North Adams police say an attacker broke into Berkshire County Construction on Tuesday and killed five of 17 rabbits being raised by the owners' 6-year-old daughter. Nine rabbits are unaccounted for. The Massachusetts SPCA has said one animal was stabbed several times. SPCA Sgt. Roy Sutton says Friday's arrest followed a review of surveillance tape.

This just makes my blood boil! What makes a person do this to helpless animals and to make it worse, he did it to a 6 year old girls pet rabbits that she was raising?? It's one thing to not like certain animals, as we all have animals we like and dislike, but to break in and kill them for no reason? What possesses a person to be this mean? Drugs? Alcohol? Just plain mean?

I don't know what the laws are in Massachusetts for cruelty to animals but if it's like most states, he won't get what he deserves which is not enough time in jail. Too many cases like this one go unpunished or lack the proper sentences. To me, killing any living creature for no reason what so ever is the same as killing a person, and this person should be held accountable for the same punishment.

 Just think what he might do next if he is not punished properly. Kill a kid? Is that next on his mean streak? It could be, as we never know about people like this. They usually start small and work upwards. Thankfully he was caught now, but he will bail out and be among us law abidding people in a matter of days, which is a place I don't want him to be in, but there is nothing I can do to keep him locked up. I wish it were my choice what his sentence would be. Boiled in water comes to mind. lol Un-happy trails to this monster!