Monday, June 7, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill - Wake Up!

I'm really concerned about this oil spill in my neck of the woods. I never thought I would see the day where our white sandy beaches would maybe turn black one day. Our neighbors to the north of me are experiencing this black crap that is washing up on their shores though. Why? Why has it even been allowed to progress that far? I thought they had booms out catching it. I guess not when I see it on the news and from my friends who live near Pensacola, as they both show tar balls and black crap washing in with nothing keeping it from doing just that.

I feel worse for the poor little animals and fish that can do nothing about it. They are dying! Does anyone even recognize that word? Dying! They are dying!! Wake up you money hungry thieves and politicians! What does it take to wake them up? If people were dying, which I'm sure some will, will that wake them up? I doubt it being money is all I hear about this crappy oil slick. I don't get paid to go out and help animals. I do it because I love and care about them. Do any of our politicians care? I don't see it. Put me in charge of this oil cleanup and I guarantee I will take action no matter what the cost is. Atleast I will do more than what has been done, which isn't much or not enough to please me or anyone else living near this crap.

All my whys:

Why is a British oil company drilling in our neck of the woods anyway?
Why doesn't our President kick BP out and we do the cleanup?
Why are there no booms stretching from the Keys to Louisiana?
Why are so many brown pelicans being shown drenched in oil?
Why are turtles being shown dead and dripping in oil?
Why are the marsh lands in Louisiana shown covered in oil when booms are out?
Why? Why? Why? I could go on forever.

It's sad. It's sad that we are so advanced in technology that we can't even stop a leak. Didn't anyone think of this before they drilled the hole? Again...No! Money was on their mind only. Our government spends billions and billions of money on an army that tramples around the world looking for a man that can't be found, but they can't do the same for poor animals that can't defend for themselves. It's just sad!

I have called the wildlife dept in north Florida to see if they need help in cleaning the birds and all the other animals being affected by this disaster and they said come on up at anytime. I will be doing just that real soon. If anyone reading this cares about animals as I do, you will do the same and volunteer your time to help these helpless animals that the money hungry oil people have hurt. It's not the cost. It's care. Do you care? The animals need our help. Please help them! Please!

Happy trails!