Friday, June 21, 2013

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

I was out in the yard this week breaking up twigs for my rabbits and I saw one of these yellow bellied sapsucker birds up in the tree. I knew what it was from the sound alone that it makes and what kind of pest they can be too, even if they are a very innocent looking bird.

They are part of the woodpecker family and they are very destructive when it comes to trees, destroying over 250 different species of trees in the process of getting sap and insects from them. Even with there destructive nature, they are still a great find while in the yard or out in nature as they tend to get shy when people and other animals are around.

The one above me in the tree was anything but shy, as it continued on its task at hand of boring a hole in the tree at an incredible rate of speed. It was great company as I listened and continued with my daily errands.

Happy trails!