Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Part Timer

I have taken a part time job as I need some xtra dough. How I was able to squeeze it into my already tight schedule was not easy to do, but I made it happen. The one thing is that it has taken me away from coming here and updating my blog like I was doing. I used to have a couple hours of freedom at night before bed to come here and visit other blogs, but that has been downright impossible the last week. I barely have enough time to eat in between the Bunny Barn and now my new part time job. With school thrown in, all my chores, homework, etc., I'm tired by the time I get home for bed, only to get up 5 hours later. I won't be working weekends, as I can't. That was part of the agreement. What am I doing? I'm the newest cashier at one of our local markets. It's not a bad job and I like it, and that is what counts anyway. I will be doing it for the next two months, then I'm off to Ireland for a month with a friend, then by the time we get back it will be about time for college to start three weeks later. I'm looking forward to that. :)

Happy trails!