Tuesday, March 30, 2010

About my blog

Hello readers,

I sat down the other night and wanted to make a blog of some kind that portrayed my life around what I love the most in life. I love the bible, my family, my friends, my bunnies, and nature itself - all in that order. How to put that all into one little blog seemed like a huge challenge at the time. Fear not! What you see hear now on my blog is who I am. Nature is all around me. I love nature. I love all the animals nature provides. The setting you see is me! I feel at home here more than I thought I would. I did have some help getting this all together. He wants to stay anonymous for now. I love him! He is my inspiration! Thank you!

This blog will not be about rabbits/bunnies only. No - this will be a combined blog of everything about me. Daily life, gripes, fun stuff, interesting things, friendship, spiritual, animals, and whatever else I find fun to talk about and share with anyone who wants to read my jibberish. lol

I have been around rabbits since I was 3. From raising them, breeding them, having them as pets, rehabilitating them, and even keeping many from being euthanized, (I had to look that word up for spelling) lol. I love them. They are like family to me. I cry when I can't save one. It hurts me badly. That's love.

Feel free to comment on anything I write about. Do know that all comments will be moderated first. No word verifications to bother you either. I dont like them things anyway.

See you on the bunny trail.