Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chinese rabbit-crushing

I was appalled when I first heard of this so called "rabbit crushing" for fun. I was even mad. No, I was furious would be more like it and I hardly ever get mad about anything. I first read about this act that some of the people in China were doing to my beloved rabbits and I knew I had to stick my nose into it in whatever way I could.

I began researching this vile act and would you believe I found videos of people crushing rabbits by placing a glass plate on them and then they sat on them until the rabbit died. I was horrified to see that! To make it worse, YouTube allowed this vile act to be posted on there website for all to see too, which has since been removed and banned by the way. I have a disgusted taste for YouTube right now, as them allowing it to be published in the first place had me wondering what kind of people were running that place. Turns out Google, which runs Blogger too, runs it. I think I burst a blood vessel knowing my host was allowed this to happen. What could I do about it? Hmmm......

It got me thinking alright and I wasted no time in contacting a few higher ups I know within the animal kingdoms chain of command. They banded together to get the videos taken down and eventually banned from YouTube, but it wasn't an easy matter to make it happen. I contacted my local chapter of the SPCA, then the House Rabbit Society, and so on and so on, and then they took it to the next level, and so on and so on it went up the ladder.

You have to understand my views on this. I love rabbits! I love them more than you know about and to witness the one video I saw, it made my heart hurt for weeks knowing they were dying for no reason at all. They were not wild rabbits, they were domesticated ones, pets! Killing innocent and helpless pets just so they could get a laugh out of it. That is plainly sick! I felt more had to be done. It had to be done to make the rabbits safer. Through the many wildlife agencies around the world, word got out fast about this cruel act, country by country lining up to get the videos and pictures taken down across Europe, up through Russia, and down to Australia.

I was invited to go to China this past spring, along with other animals lovers who needed to get the word out through that country and other hidden countries that seem to think animals are playthings for them to hurt for no reason at all. We got a three day Visa to visit China and even got the chance to voice our opinions about this rabbit crushing event that was sweeping through there country. They did know about it, the Chinese government that is, and they seemed to take a lot more interest in it as 15 countries were pressing them to do something more about it. Did the visit help any? I think it did, as there own news agency, which is governed by there own government, acknowledged there was a problem and that they were going to do what they could to make a difference.

Since that visit, a few rings have been broken up and arrested for cruelty to animals. I don't know what they do to people in China for abusing and killing animals at random, but I know it's more severe that what more free countries do. I'm hoping this gets stopped worldwide before it's gets to out of hand. If a communist country can stop, listen to what concerned people have to say and do something about it, then it shouldn't be a problem to handle anywhere else in the world either.

If you ever see or hear about an animal being abused, let someone know. Call the police if you have to. Thanks.

Happy Trails!