Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silver Rabbit

One of the most rarest rabbits is the Silver Rabbit, with just under 200 of them in existance in the US alone. There are 3 Silver varieties - gray, brown, and fawn. I have only seen one of them in my life and that was 2 years ago at a convention in Atlanta. Silvers have been known under many names: Millers, Silver Sprigs, Lincoln Silver, Lincolnshire Silver-Gray, and Riche. They range in weight from 4 to 7 pounds. This rabbit shouldn't be confused with the Silver Fox rabbit, as they are quite different from each other.

This is the only picture I could find of the three of them together. This proves they are rare when I can't even find that many pictures of them. This picture is small. The SRC has a few individual pictures of them.

College Books

I saw this picture online just now and it really got me to thinking about college that is coming up this fall. Look at all of them books! I can picture myself standing and looking at them just as this girl is and thinking to myself, "I have to read and memorize all of these?" The truth is, I will have to do just that. The thought of it now is like being hit in the head with a coke bottle. By the time I do get done with college and get my degree to be a veterinarian I will most likely have read and memorized twice the amont that is shown here. I might just have to multiply it by three or four more times, as I want to become a wildlife surgeon one day. That is my ultimate goal anyway. If none pan out, then my third choice is to be a science/nature teacher, or maybe even a biology teacher. Whatever I plan to be, it will be about animals somewhere down that long path.

Calvin and Hobbes: Amnesia

Has anyone else ever tried the amnesia routine atleast once in there lives? I sure did. It didn't go over that well with my dad either. lol I think all kids try this atleast once growing up.

Handling Rabbits

If you didn't know already, rabbits are prey animals and they consider humans a predator, so when a big predator grabs them and holds them up off the ground where they are used to living, it signals danger unless they have learned to trust you and you have been gentle with them, helping them to feel more secure.

I'm mentioning this because on a daily basis I see potential new owners just pick up any rabbit and hold them up high in the air for some reason. I see this done to cats and dogs at the SPCA too. Why do people do this? Get eye level with these animals on there turf as that is the best way to see them anyways.

Just remember when handling a rabbit for the first time, don't instantly grab it and start playing with it. Lift it up gently if you have to move it. Once the rabbit knows you better and trusts you wont harm it, then it wont mind being picked up. Most rabbits dont like to be picked up anyway, no matter what anyone tells you. The best way to move a rabbit is to lift it up gently and slowly around its body, keeping one of your hands underneath it on its rear legs, then cradle it in your arms. There rear legs are very powerful and if left dangling in the air, they tend to kick. It's an uncomfortable position for them.

That's my tip of the day. Have a great day everyone.

Happy trails!