Monday, April 12, 2010

Weatherman Blues

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

I guess the weather people just had a brain freeze or something as now they say we wont get any rain for maybe another week or more. Yesterday they said we would definately get some rain in all parts of the county and we got nothing. Then they said it would rain today and still nothing. Now they say no rain until next week. Now watch, it will rain now that they say it wouldn't. lol Oh well, we got a pond nearby that I can "borrow" some water from. I do this every year anyway. hehe

I went ahead and moved the rain barrels back to where they were last night, that way I didn't have to do it this morning before school. I only moved four by the front door as they kind of block the way in and out. All the others can stay in place until it rains so I don't have to keep moving them back and forth. It's not as wet around here like it is during the summer months, so they will most likely stay in place until the fall. Once the barrels by the front door get near full, then I load them on the hand-truck and cart them to the "holding pond" that we keep all the rain water at. It usually gets near full by around mid July. Usually by August we don't need anymore and it just rains and rains until it overflows, then it drains down to the pond where I "borrowed" that water from earlier. lol It all works itself out in the end, even if the weathermen have the blues and brain freezes. lol

Happy trails!