Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

The most adorable of all types of rabbits to me is the Jersey Wooly. They are very small compared to most other rabbits. They range in size from 2 pounds to a little bit over 4 pounds. The one thing that sets this rabbit apart from others is its hair. It can get very long, most around 3 to 4 inches long. It also requires more attention too as it needs to be brushed quite frequently. They are the most gentle rabbit I know of and are easy to train. This rabbit loves to chew on things, like wires. To keep this from happening for this rabbit and all other rabbits, put a small amount of pepper extract on the item that is being gnawed on, and it will deter rabbits from even going near that spot again.

Blog Names

I have a friend of mine that I go to school with ask me how I came up with the name of my blog. In all truthfullness, the name it has now is the third name. I started with Bunnies by LB, LB being short for my lilBunny name, then I changed it to Heavenly Bunnies as that sounded like something I could live with. It stayed that way until just a couple days ago when a member of my family mentioned the name and said the name Heavenly Bunnies reminded him of a place for Playboy models. Well ok, hmm..I had to think about this more now as I didn't want that crowd here, not that I have anything against them or the magazine. You wont ever see me in it, I know that much. I wanted this blog to be more about everything and not just bunnies, so I sat down and came up with the current name, Bunny Trail to Heaven. We all go down some kind of trail in life until our day comes to go to heaven, so that is how the name came about. My life has been all about Jesus, nature, and all of its surroundings since I was very young. The name fit when I typed it in. :)

Happy trails!

Calvin and Hobbes: Silly Putty

Calvin reminds me of this kid in our neiborhood. There is nothing that he wont try to get away with and he's so cute in his ways of going about each task. My dad says all boys growing up have a little Calvin in them.

Weekend Chore List

Here it is a Saturday morning and as usual, I'm up at 5am. How many people in this world get up at 5am on a weekend? I know none of my friends do. None! Unlike them, who can sleep until noon, I have chores to do. No one gets me up except for my alarm clock. I have been getting up early my whole life. It also makes for a longer day too which is good when you have other things you want to do after the chore list is finished. The chore list was created by me and only I do the list. What's on the list?
  • Make my bed and straighten my room. (they count as one task.)
  • Make coffee for me and the rest of the fam.
  • Sweep off the rear porch.
  • Feed the rabbits. (this can take an hour to one and half hours)
  • Refill the bunny boxes (they are our cages) with branches and hay, bark, etc.
  • Clean and wash out the rabbit poop bins.
  • Take the trash out from the Bunny Barn. (the place we keep the 300+ rabbits)
  • Sweep and mop the Bunny Barn floor.
  • Make sure the automated water system is working.
  • Make sure the ventilation is working.
  • Make sure the ac or heat is working.
  • Wash the cleaning utensils, sink, and counters. Done!
By now its close to 10am if I get started by 6am, and our volunteers show up to help with keeping the bunnies company and usually there is someone that shows up that wants to adopt or just look at the bunnies. With an average of 20 bunnies being adopted each week and maybe around 35 coming in each week, it can get hectic here on weekends. Thank goodness for the great volunteers who come and help out on weekends, or it could become a headache. My family and friends help each day, so without them, I couldn't do this by myself. Just the chore list is mine and mine only.

Happy trails!