Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi from Ireland

We made it! Woohoo!

Ugh....this 5 hour time difference in Ireland is not something I can get used to. It's currently a little after 1am and my body clock says it's a little after 8pm the day before. Who goes to bed that early? I have tried and all I end up doing is tossing and turning, then I just get up and read or watch the telly. After a month of this I might finally adjust but then when we get home, I will be 5 hours ahead!

We arrived on time Friday night and we have been having a great time so far. It's beautiful here but it's on the cool side for this Florida native. It's been nice during the day but it cools down to the 50's at night. 50's in the summer? I'm used to the lows being 82 degrees at night in my hometown. I knew it was going to be cooler here so I did pack some things for that.

So far we have just stayed around Megan's grandma's house and drove some through Dublin. Tomorrow we are planning on driving around more and seeing more of the city and its surroundings and find some time to do some shopping too.

That's about it so far. I have to try and get some sleep so I will be worth a poop tomorrow. I yawned just now so that's a start. lol

Happy trails!