Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Week

Where do I start? My gosh this has been the busiest week of the year so far.

I had to get a report done for school and turned in by today which took me 3 weeks to research and complete, so that took up most of my nights. The report is 32 pages long and it's about different kinds of propulsion systems. You read that right. I knew nothing of them before I did the report as we were assigned different subjects by our teacher, which meant taking notes from each place we found the information, designers, technicians, company names, you name it I had to write it down, then when I had that complete I had to type it all. By the time I finished with the notes and typing everything, I had 42 pages of information. I do feel smarter now though. lol

In between the report and my chores, we had the wildlife people here today for the wild bunnies and the fire dept was here this week too for inspection of the Bunny Barn's fire system, which passed by the way. Yea! The Health dept was here yesterday for some kind of inspection which passed as well. Busy, busy!

The wild rabbits that I got last week have been taken south to be released. I hated to see them leave, but I knew they would have to leave sooner or later anyway. They healed up fast too as both were hopping around this morning with ease. I was planning on taking them back myself, but the wildlife dept said they were responsible for releasing them in the same area they were taken from, being they were the ones who found them. I still could have done it as I've done it in the past before. It did save me a gas trip though.

Not much else going on really. I was suppose to go out tonight but I postponed it until tomorrow night as I had some unfinished chores that needed to be done. I know I'm hard on myself but the chore list in mine, one that I made, so I do them no matter what plans they might interfere with, even if that event is a date. He understands. He always has. That's what I love about him, he understands! lol Love you Nick! Thanks!

Happy trails everyone!