Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Got Rain!

Oh my gosh, it is pouring down rain outside and it has been that way since I got up this morning. WooHoo! We need it too as it has not rained here in almost 10 days. So far we got a little over two inches and that's a lot of water when draining into barrels. I hope it rains all day long!

We made some modifications to the rain barrels by running some flexible 4" plastic tubing from the gutters into the top of the barrels, then connected them all together as each gutter gets a different amount of rain, and then a friend of ours added a check valve of some kind in each barrel in case they get full, which drains to the nearby holding pond. Awesome huh?! It was worth all the work to get it done too. No more wasted water! No more moving barrels like I used to do either. I am excited about that!

I have only seen our rain barrels full one time in my short life. It was a few years ago when we had 8 days straight of rain, mostly downpours. They were overflowing! Florida is tropical, but that was too tropical for me. We had to move the bunnies up to the second level as water was coming in under the doors and flooding the lower levels. Sink holes were popping up all over the neighborhood and county too. They are scary! In that 8 days of rain storms, we had over 12 inches of rain. Can you believe that? 12" in a week! I don't mind rain, but that is too much. A couple inches of rain I can handle.

Thanks to all my readers and followers. I love you all for reading my jibberish and leaving great comments. They make me smile each time I see them. :)

Happy trails everyone!