Friday, July 23, 2010

On to Belfast and other stuff

I'm sorry I have not updated here in awhile but we have been having some internet problems of late. I posted something here last week with my phone but I see it's not here. Nothing is here that I sent through my phone and that stinks because I didn't save it on my phone. I thought I saved it here though so I don't know.

Tomorrow we are headed to Belfast to meet Megan's grandpa who has lived there since birth. We are not making this trip by ourselves like most of the trips through the many cities here have been so far. Megan's aunt and uncle are driving us up and we will be there until Monday, then we head back here to Dublin for the rest of the week before we head home next Friday. Honestly, I don't want to go home. I love it here! (don't tell my bunnies this though) hehe

I'll write more later tonight when I have more time to write.

Thanks for all the comments while I have been away. They make me smile to read them. :)

Happy trails!