Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Free!

Hi everyone! (I'm waving)

Well, I graduated from high school last week (woohoo) and we had our graduation exercises last Friday (May 28th). WooHoo! I passed all my exams with none less than a 92 grade, so now I'm free. I was so happy that I think I cried for a couple days. I will miss all my classmates as most of us have spent our entire school years together ever since first grade. That is the one thing I loved about going to a private school, was the close friendships and the small classes too. Most are headed off in opposite directions going to colleges all over the US and some overseas. I'm staying local to go to school for a couple years, then will be heading off to a bigger college. My best friend Megan is staying local too, so that is great news. We will be going to the same college this fall, just different classes.  

What have I been doing since I last posted here 3 weeks ago? Plenty! After the graduation party last week, a bunch of my friends and I went on a small getaway for a couple days. We went down to Naples, Florida to relax, lay on the beach alot, and party a little too. We came back last Sunday, the day before Memorial Day, so we could all spend time with our families, then I flew up to see my grandma on Tuesday morning for a short trip and came back today. She doesn't have a computer and I didn't take my laptop or I would have written something here by now.

My friend Megan and I leave for Ireland in 3 weeks for our 1 month summer getaway and that is something we have been looking forward too since January of this year. We were thinking of cancelling it because of all the ash clouds and it's still not a sure thing right now. I watch the news everyday to see what that volcano is doing so we can go see the world. If we can't go, well, we have planned another place just in case, but we really want to go to Ireland. Not much else can take its place.

Other than that, it's back to full time duty with the bunnies. I have missed being around them and I have planned all of next week to do some reorganizing, painting, and some other things to make life better for them all. I'm still working the part time job at night, which I start back at this Monday night.

That's about it from me right now as I'm more busier now than before I graduated. That's life, right?

Happy trails!