Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes - Best Buds

This became my favorite of all time when I first saw it and it should become yours too. I made a copy of it and have it pinned on my bulletin board in the Bunny Barn.

Pet Reversal

A day in the life of a rabbit. Have you ever wondered what it might be like? I sure have. I know what they do, what they eat, how they act, there moods, and so on, but what would it really feel like? Would you be miserable, happy you could sleep all day if you wanted, or maybe something else? Think about it though, is changing places with your pet, (in a fantasy type world), a good idea?

Let's say you got to change places for a day. You are laying in a pile of hay, on your back with your paws stuck outward and feeling like a king or queen of the bunny world. So relaxing! Then, you get an itch on your back and you can't reach it. Oh crap! You rub and rub your back against the cage but the itch is still there. Misery! Your owner comes in and see's you are acting funny and thinks you are either hungry or need some love, like most owners do and think. You wag your butt at your owner hoping he or she will scratch your itch, but no, they instead insert a pile of food into your feeding bin that looks more like rabbit poop than what you were used to eating. You poke your nose up at your owner begging for a scratch of relief and all you get is a tap on the head a few times, then he/she walks way. You are screwed as your itch is still there!

You continue your scratching against the cage, wagging your butt harder and harder trying to reach the itch, but all it is doing is getting the attention of the other rabbits and they could care less about your itch. lol You stop and take notice of the other rabbits staring at you, most with that rabbit gleam in there eyes, and now you know you are really up a creek without a paddle. First the itch, now a bunch of, let's say...horny...rabbits wanting you.

It's not looking to well now, now is it? lol Do you really want to be your pet? I doubt it. I mean, what would you do if in that position? Think about it the next time you might want to be your pet for a day. Imagine mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks having a field day in your fur. The thought of it gives me shivers.

If I had to put a "moral to a story" here, it would be to scratch and love your pet all over and not a couple pats only on there head. They can't speak and I know they have itches they can't reach, like many of my cats, and when I scratch them all over, they love it and give me love back, just as my rabbits do. Make there day with some much needed love and you will be rewarded.

Happy Trails

Bunny heaters and other stuff

Gosh, it's been 3 months since I was last here? How time flies...I had no idea it had been that long. I have been extremely busy with my new career choices, plus my rabbits keep me as busy as anything along the way.

Last week it got real cold here in Florida. 28 degrees is frigid to me so you know it was down right miserable for my rabbits. I knew it was going to be getting cold so two days before it got here, I checked the heaters in the Bunny Barn to make sure they were working. Would you believe they would not even come on. I went into panic mode as they were brand new. I called the company that installed them and they sent a repairman out to see what the problem was. Turns out, the breakers were off in the electric panel. Duh! I felt like a total idiot. While the repairman was here, he checked out the units to make sure they were working and they were. He didn't even charge me for checking them and believe it or not, he paid me. Yep, he left a donation for the rabbits and I tell you now, I was speechless and happy at the same time. I usually get charged for everything that needs to be worked on. Thank you Mr. repairman. People like him are rare to encounter. I'm glad I checked them in advance now or I might have had a lot of frozen bunnies, which means dead ones. If that had happened, I think I would have hung myself. It taught me to make sure things work beforehand though, and anyone reading this should do the same when in a similar situation.

At my last count, I had 285 rabbits. That's 32 less than last month which means someone is getting early Christmas presents. I hate when they have to leave, but I'm also happy at the same time as they are getting healthy and happy rabbits either for themselves or as gifts. They make great gifts for someone that is used to being busy and want a great pet. I don't recommend them as a gift to lazy "don't want to do anything people" though, as the rabbits need a lot of care and love.

Happy Trails