Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nature Sounds

Listen......can you hear them?  We got birds and running water and bugs and crickets and bees and flies and animals here. WooHoo! A friend of mine suggested adding some birds here to make it seem more real. She was joking of course. I on the hand got to thinking about it. I knew someone who could possibly make that happen. As you can hear, it did happen. I knew he could do it. He can do anything with a blog. Thank you!

I have been told by this "anonymous" friend of mine that I can change the music whenever I please and listen to what I want, or what we want. Maybe add some rain or thunderstorms? Yeah! I was told I could play 2 songs at once and mix the birds and other animals with the rain. How cool is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me. This is all turning out better than I had planned. I'm going to go listen to this music I can mix together and see what it sounds like. It does sound very interesting.

Thanks for reading and happy trials to everyone. I will be back later with more jibberish. :)

My favorite bunny

Here I am, up at 5am! That's normal around here. I have to be in class by 6:30am.

I have been asked many times what my favorite bunny is. I had to think for a minute as I like them all. The Albino bunny, the white one pictured, is the most common bunny of the south. The color alone is popular among most that live in hot weather. What many dont know is that all bunnies dont adapt well to hot weather no matter what color they are. Bunnies should never be kept in direct sunlight as they sweat alot. There sweat glands are not like ours and they can suffer badly if left in the heat, as there fur keeps them from cooling off like we do. You wont see the signs they are ill either as they hide them well.

The one pictured is not one of mine. I do have 35 albinoes though (we have over 300 bunnies, fyi. I'm not kidding either). I let them out from time to time in the backyard to let them explore and get some fresh air mostly. Never leave them unattended. They are not as shy as you might think. They like to explore. Other animals, cats mostly, love them too. Never let them out of your site. They count on you to protect and feed them. Dont let them down. The love they share toward you is your reward and thank you for caring, protecting, and loving them.

It's time to do my morning ritual of getting ready for school. I will be back after classes.

Thanks for reading and happy trails. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

About my blog

Hello readers,

I sat down the other night and wanted to make a blog of some kind that portrayed my life around what I love the most in life. I love the bible, my family, my friends, my bunnies, and nature itself - all in that order. How to put that all into one little blog seemed like a huge challenge at the time. Fear not! What you see hear now on my blog is who I am. Nature is all around me. I love nature. I love all the animals nature provides. The setting you see is me! I feel at home here more than I thought I would. I did have some help getting this all together. He wants to stay anonymous for now. I love him! He is my inspiration! Thank you!

This blog will not be about rabbits/bunnies only. No - this will be a combined blog of everything about me. Daily life, gripes, fun stuff, interesting things, friendship, spiritual, animals, and whatever else I find fun to talk about and share with anyone who wants to read my jibberish. lol

I have been around rabbits since I was 3. From raising them, breeding them, having them as pets, rehabilitating them, and even keeping many from being euthanized, (I had to look that word up for spelling) lol. I love them. They are like family to me. I cry when I can't save one. It hurts me badly. That's love.

Feel free to comment on anything I write about. Do know that all comments will be moderated first. No word verifications to bother you either. I dont like them things anyway.

See you on the bunny trail.