Monday, May 17, 2010

One down, five to go

Wow, what an exam that was this morning. My brain feels like it has been robbed of all of its memory. More like a brain-freeze! How do I think I did? Deep down, I think I passed with flying colors to be as truthful as I can be. It was hard, but not as hard as I thought it might be and that's good, because Physics is one of my hardest classes. It's not a required subject, I selected it at the beginning of the school year as just something I might want to know more of, as I had 2 choices to fill in my 6 subject school day. Tomorrow is another tough day with two exams, advanced calculus and english 12. Having both on the same day will most likely numb my brain for the entire day afterwards, I'm quite sure of that.

It is nice being out of school this early, but that only means to hit the books and study some more. I may get to it after like after dinner. I need a break anyways. A smoothie break! Yeah!! Anyone want one? lol

Happy trails everone!

Exam Week

Hello everyone!

The past week has been a rough one for me and it's only going to get rougher this coming week, as it's exam week. I have 6 exams to take this week, 1 today (Monday), 2 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, and 2 on Thursday. There is no school on Friday or next Monday. Yea! I will be drained by then anyway. This is the one thing I like about private school, they give you many days off before you find out your grades, which will be next Tuesday. That is the day that is circled on my calendar. Graduate or not day, is what I call it. I plan on graduating! No summer school for me! Graduation exercises are next Friday, another important day circled on my calendar. Freedom!!

I need to go feed the bunnies and get some chores done before my first exam class at 8am. Physics is my first exam, so wish me luck!

Happy trails!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Great Canadian Beaver Dam

Has anyone read or heard about this monster of a dam some beavers have been building since the 1970's? I heard something about it earlier this week and didn't pay too much attention to it right away, that is until I heard it was over 3 football fields long! I decided to do some research on it when I heard that, as it seemed far fetched when I first heard it.

From what I have found out, this beaver dam is located in Wood Buffalo National Park which is in Alberta Canada. It's being called the worlds largest beaver dam as it's 2,788 feet long (850 meters). That is HUGE in my department! The only way to see the dam is by air, as there is nowhere to land by plane near it, and it's so far out in the middle of nowhere, that no one can get to it that easily, as most of the land is wetlands.

The dam had been constructed from thousands of trees, and if you know anything about dams that us humans have built, it's twice the length of the Hoover Dam, which is on the Nevada/Arizona border. The beaver dam can also be seen from space.

Finding pictures of this dam has been difficult and that proves it's hard to get to it. I have found a few small pictures of it using Google search and that's the best I have found so far.

These pictures might not look like much, but you have to remember that this is a wetlands dam. They are a little different than river dams, but still, look at all the trees the beavers have taken down to make this dam of theirs.

I think it's awesome looking, but it's bad news for anything downstream of it though.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spiders: Brown Recluse

The most common spider around here is the Brown Recluse, also known as a Violin Spider. These spiders love to hide in loose piles of debris, like wood piles, corners of a garage, under your lawn mower or if indoors - in furniture, closet corners and folded clothing. I found one last night just outside of the Bunny Barn in our pile of sticks we give to the bunnies to chew on. I'm not usually that jumpy around insects, but this spider in an exception as they are poisonous to humans and these pesky insects tend to strike when disturbed or threatened by humans. I wasn't bitten, it just put me on the defensive to find it and kill it, which I did.

If you are bitten by one of these spiders, seek medical attention immediately. This is not to be taken lightly, as the wound can take months to heal and it leaves a deep crater like shape on you, if not treated properly. This picture of a bite on this man is horrible looking, but you will look the same if not treated. You have been warned.

Use common sense when moving anything outdoors, as they are usually close by even when you might think they are not.

This image is not a fake to scare you any!

Rabbit in La-La Land

This was written by a friend over on the House Rabbit Society's website and I wanted to share it here with everyone, mainly with Caryn, as this story reminded me of what your bunny was doing while you were away. lol Not that it's funny when a bunny rips up your carpet and puts you further in debt, but this story from the rabbits point of view is very funny.

Rabbit in La-La Land
Written by Helen Weiss

Hello, I'm Wabbit, and I own two lovely humans--Sotos and Helen. We all live in a comfortable apartment with a balcony which I also own. When Helen brought me home four years ago I was just a dainty little dame. I let my humans know right away that I was feisty and curious, and with a few exceptions I have always been given free reign of our living room.

When I was young, I gave Helen and Sotos plenty of work around the house. I kept Sotos busy patching carpets and repairing phone cords. For some reason they were constantly devising techniques to prevent me from doing my work. I took great joy in outsmarting them. Oh, I liked chewing on the little pieces of wood bought for me, but nothing was more fun than digging up the carpet or jumping on desks and bureaus to chew up papers and clothes.

I'll never forget the time they tried to prevent me from hopping on the bed. You see, the bed was rabbit heaven: soft blankets and pillows good for hours of cuddling. The only problem was that the blanket and sheets were without holes and required some work on my part. Strangely, Helen and Sotos couldn't see the value in sheets with hundreds of holes. They seemed embarrassed to hang such sheets on the line.

The humans tried draping a barrier of fabric from the ceiling and tucking it under the mattress. To them it looked formidable, but when they were asleep or away, I just untucked the drapery with my wonderful teeth and went about my shredding business. They got irritated and took turns shooing me off the bed, but as far as I was concerned they slept too much--and there was work to be done. Five- foot board barriers were next. That was easy. Using the nightstand as a springboard, I jumped over the boards and landed plop in the middle of the bed.

In my mature years I give Sotos and Helen less work. I still teach slow people the right way to play Scrabble, but whereas I used to flip their racks into the air, sending their tiles flying into a real scrabble, today I am content with gently lifting the corner of the board. I have even stopped chewing on the phone and electric cords. Mellowness, though, has not diminished the amount of love, licking and laughter that I give.

All in all I am happy and healthy, and gets lots of attention. I do wonder what life would be like if I shared it with a long-eared short-tailed darling. I daydream about bunny love in my spare time--on breaks from my busy schedule.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rabbits For Dummies

Okay, I know what you might be thinking, but this book is the best reference book for everything you ever wanted or needed to know about rabbits. I have the first edition and I just bought this second edition tonight. I know just about everything about rabbits, but even knowledgeable people need books of reference from time to time too. Look at all the doctors and surgeons of the world and see how many books they each have. More than I can count, that's for sure. You don't have to be a dummy to read this book, unless you think you are one. lol I feel like one sometimes.

Of all the books I do have on rabbits, I use this book more than any of the others. It's paperback and that's a plus for me, as hardbacks are hard to keep the pages open to a spot you need to stay open without putting something on the page to keep the page from turning. Borders has it for $17.00 and it has 368 pages. All rabbits are listed with details of each one, feeding, bedding, training them, and even how to groom them properly.

Happy reading and happy trails!

Barbie Doll Collector

The more you read my blog, the more you will learn about me. :)

As my many friends will tell you, I am a huge barbie doll fan and collector for my age. I have two of the very first barbie dolls that my mom had back in 1959 when they were created. One is still in the original box. Every year she would collect the new series and store them away. When I turned 8 my mom gave me the whole collection and I was in heaven until she told me I couldn't play with them. What a drag that was.

Now that I am older, I can see her point as they are worth a lot in the original box and mine has never been opened. The original is worth over $4,000 and up to $10,000 from what a person from Mattel has told me in a letter. Mattel makes the dolls.

To date I have a little over 2,100 different dolls. Yes, I am serious. Last year was the special 50th Anniversary and I got all 28 dolls in that series for my birthday. I was blown away as I had never gotten that many at one time before. I also have 14 barbie houses and dream houses, 8 barbie cars and too many sets of clothes for each doll. I have 2 Ken dolls too. Hey, she had to have a date you know? lol Each doll in encased in an individual airtight container and I have a hutch that holds them all.

Barbie's real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts and was created by Ruth Handler, who died in 2002. (RIP!)

This is a remake of the original in 1959 that was released last year for the 50th Anniversary.

This one is the 50th Anniversary doll. It sold last year for $60 brand new and already it has rocketed up to over $300 in just one year. Amazing!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bunny Babysitter

This is very interesting.

I was in class today and my phone buzzed. That never happens when I'm in class, as I keep it on in case of an emergency. When I saw who the call was from, I immediately asked my teacher if I could be excused, which she gladly said I could be. I called the person back expecting bad news, but was asked a question instead. I was very relieved nothing bad had happened, but I did question why I was called during class as this person knew I was in class. To make this shorter, I was asked if I could babysit a mans rabbits while he went out of town for an emergency. I said, "what? you called me to ask that?" It turns out the man who wanted his rabbits cared for while out of town needed an answer now, so my caller considered that an emergency. Ok, well whatever, that's not an emergency to me, but I did tell him I would care for his rabbits if only he either brought them to me or I would pick them up.

It turns out the man wanted me to come to his house each day while he was gone and care for them, and I told him I couldn't do that. He offered to pay me triple to do it and I still told him I couldn't do that. I don't go to strangers houses or anyones place of residence for that matter while they are out of town for a couple of reasons, which I told him, but he about begged me to do it for him. I don't think he understood what NO meant. I don't have the time to go all over town feeding rabbits. Bringing them to me or me picking them up to be cared for is much easier, as everything I need to care for them is right here. Finally, he agreed to drop them off after much debate. I understand his concern for them, but he has to understand my schedule too. Anyways, 5 more rabbits will be joining us for the next 10 days or so as guests. I will have to put them in our holding area so no one gives them away. lol

Happy trails!

Thoughts and Thanks

Thoughts and thanks from lilBunny: < thats me. lol

It looks as though Blogger finally got my messages and fixed my sticking blog. My blog page would stick in a holding pattern for about ten seconds when the page was first opened and it stayed that way for weeks. It was driving me insane, so I wrote to Blogger three times about it. I have not been here that much in the last week, but I don't have the sticking pages anymore which means they must have finally fixed it. Thanks Blogger!

Since I opened this blog in late March, I have had 432 visits. I don't know if that's good or bad, I just want to say thanks to everyone that does visit here on a daily basis. I have had 56 comments in that time, all good, and thanks for those too. I love comments!

I'm down to days now, not weeks, before I graduate from high school. WooHoo! Counting today, I have 19 more school days to go. I don't count weekends and never have. Final exams are approaching fast and I have been hitting the books a lot in the past week. I'm looking forward to them, even though they drain my brain entirely. I used to hate taking tests and exams, but this year I have felt so much different about them and looked forward to most of them. I'm not a brainy person, just a person who loves to learn as much as I can. Before high school I used to get like c's and d's all the time. This year has been mostly b's and a couple a's too.

In June, I'm planning on going to Ireland with my best friend Megan. We have been planning it since January and so far, everything is going according to plans as far as reservations, funding, places to stay, car rental, flights, etc. Megan was born in Ireland and has lived here in the states since she was 5. Her and I have been best freinds for the past 2 years. She still has family in Ireland, so we will be staying with them most of the time, and will be getting away on own our own for 10 days to explore the island and just hang out really. The entire trip will be for 30 days! I can't wait until we board the plane to go!

That's about it from me right now. I plan on being here more this week, even with my jam packed schedule for the next month. I hardly have enough room to breathe. lol

Happy trails everyone!

Mini Rex Rabbit

I got a family of 4 mini rex's over the weekend that were given to me from a family that is moving overseas and wanted to write something about them for the ones that have never heard of them.

They are derived from the standard rex breed and the Netherland Dwarf. The one pictured is a tri-color mini rex. This particular breed has many varieties: Black, Blue, Blue Eyed White, Castor, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Himalayan, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Red, Sable Point, Seal, Tortoise, White, and Otter (blue, black, chocolate, lilac). The fur on them has a plush feel to them, much like velour, which the standard rex has too. They are also one of the easiest rabbits to breed and are very good mothers. They excel in the sport of Rabbit Hopping too. I bet you didn't know that was a sport did you? lol

I will be using them for breeding and their first litter I will be keeping for myself, to add to my already large family of personal pets. All future litters will be for adoptions.