Monday, April 5, 2010

Rabbits: World Total

"How many rabbits are there in the world," asked a friend of mine?

That's a good question and I had no idea when this was asked of me last month by one of my curious friends. All I said was millions. I got to thinking about it more and decided to do some research on it and it has not been easy finding out the true number. I really don't think anyone knows the true total except the one who created them all, being many are in the wild and we don't keep track of them all.

From what I have found out so far, rabbits range from 20 to 500 individual species per square mile. The land area of the Earth is 57,500,000 square miles. Being no one really knows the exact number of rabbits per square mile, you can do the math above and see that there are more than most would have ever known about, including me, even if there were only 20 per square mile. That's alot of rabbits! Being rabbits do not populate the polar regions of the Earth, the land area would be reduced dramically, but still, that is alot of rabbits even without the polar regions included.

Now you know, or atleast to the best of my research and knowledge you do. lol

Happy trails!

Busy Day Sunday part 2

I came home today and called the animal shelter about the lady that came by yesterday, the one who claimed she lost her letter from them, and wouldn't you know they had never heard of her. That just irks me to know she lied to me and was intending to steal one of my bunnies. They are free you know? Why do people go this route in there lives when something is free anyways? We have rules we have to follow through the county that states potential owners have to obtain a letter from them, which is done through the animal shelter we do business with, and all of this is done for health reasons only. It makes me wonder what she had in mind for the bunny now. We do have cameras here so I sent her photo to the animal shelter and the county, then filed a complaint with each. I dont bend the rules for anyone. I would rather just keep them all if people want to be like this person was.

It's alot like going to the SPCA for a cat or dog. You have to fill out paperwork, show who your are, and pay for any shots the animal might need, etc. We waive the fee an owner would have to pay and pay it ourselves. I care about these rabbits. They are like family to me and having someone here that seemed to want to maybe harm one, that just makes me very pissy. You would feel the same if in my shoes, right? I would think so anyway.

How was your day? Good I hope. So far may day has been good with a few more hours of my chores to get done before dark. I took a break to come in here and check up on my blog. I will return after my chore list is complete. See you then.

Happy trails!

Its Monday!

It's hard to believe it's Monday again. No chores until after school today, so that is good news. I don't unsually do them on Monday mornings anyway as I have to be at school a little earlier on Monday's only. Private schools and there rules can really stink sometimes. I wouldn't trade it for anything anyways, as the school has been apart of my life since first grade. Yep, same school and this is my last year. I know I will miss it and my friends as we all head into different directions afterwards. That has to be the hardest part of going to one school your whole life.

After graduation this year, my best friend and I are going to Ireland for 4 weeks. Woohoo! We have been planning it now for close to two months and I'm looking forward to it. More on this later when I have more time to discuss it in details. It's going to be a blast, I know that much. :)

Time for me to get ready for school. I will drop in afterwards.

Happy trails everyone!

Calvin and Hobbes: S#x Appeal

This is too funny.
I would have never thought of putting the words sex appeal and Calvin in the same sentence.