Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rain Barrels

I set out our rain barrels today to catch the rain from the gutters and wouldn't you know, it didn't rain. The weather channel said it was suppose to rain this morning and this afternoon and again tonight. Still nothing! I don't mind dragging them 10 big and heavy 50 gallon drums around if it's going to rain, but when it don't rain at all, it doesn't make me happy because now I have to move them back and out of the way. I can leave them in place until in the morning, but if I do that, then I will have to move them in the morning as they sort of block the walkways in and out of the house.

I just checked the weather and now they say it's not going to rain until tomorrow night. I wish they would get the days right as we were told it would rain today. A 60% chance of rain usually means it rains here, but nooo, we don't get a drop. I guess this means I should move the barrels tonight. Shucks! I will try again tomorrow after school and move them in position again, and hopefully it rains tomorrow night as we need the water for the plants. We don't usually use county water for the plants if we can help it. Plants do better with natural water, plus it saves us money.

Happy trails!