Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blog Names

I have a friend of mine that I go to school with ask me how I came up with the name of my blog. In all truthfullness, the name it has now is the third name. I started with Bunnies by LB, LB being short for my lilBunny name, then I changed it to Heavenly Bunnies as that sounded like something I could live with. It stayed that way until just a couple days ago when a member of my family mentioned the name and said the name Heavenly Bunnies reminded him of a place for Playboy models. Well ok, hmm..I had to think about this more now as I didn't want that crowd here, not that I have anything against them or the magazine. You wont ever see me in it, I know that much. I wanted this blog to be more about everything and not just bunnies, so I sat down and came up with the current name, Bunny Trail to Heaven. We all go down some kind of trail in life until our day comes to go to heaven, so that is how the name came about. My life has been all about Jesus, nature, and all of its surroundings since I was very young. The name fit when I typed it in. :)

Happy trails!