Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spammers Beware

I'm easy to get along with and my friends will tell you that. I write from knowledge and my own heart but when people come here to my blog and insult me and insult how I write, well that tends to make me angry. Most of my friends say I never get angry and I tell them they should come here and read some of the filth many people have commented about to me and maybe then they will see I do get angry at times. Just know this spammers and all the others who post your dirty links in your comments in my posts, nothing gets posted here without my ok. If you spam me I report you to my host, who take care of people who have nothing better to do than to post filth. Post your garbage elsewhere please. You are wasting your time and mine by coming here and posting links to your filth. I wouldn't go to those links even if a gun was pointed to my head. There are adult sites for your nasty links and NOT HERE!! Everyone else, Happy Trails!!