Thursday, May 30, 2013

RSS and Google Reader

From my last post about Google Reader being axed forever not much else has changed as they go bye bye on July 1st, so I have added my RSS Feed just to the left so you can add me to whatever reader you might be using once Google Reader bites the dust. I'm still lost on why they want to get rid of it but hey, life goes on and there are other readers we can all use. I'm using NetVibes and I love it. I can add my own feeds and also pick from there many thousands of feeds to add to my reader page. It can't get any easier than what they have to offer. Check them out. NetVibes Reader

Oh btw, you can subscribe to my posts only or the comments only near the bottom of the left sidebar too. That might vanish too from some gossip I've been hearing. More on that later. 

Happy Trails!!