Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eyeing Nature

For the ones reading this that can go out into the woods or maybe a forest or even a nature trail, what is the first animal you usually see first? From my own experiences in many forests and nature related places I've been to, one animal has always been in each one and it's usually the same cute animal I see first. That one animal is none other than the squirrel. They seem to be everywhere. Most call them rodents, but unlike most other rodents, squirrels are cute to me, so I call them animals. lol Rats are rodents. They are ugly. Squirrels may look like a rat at times, but they are not ugly to me. Back to the point of this. Do you see squirrels the most in the wooded areas near you, or something else, like maybe blue jays, cardinals, hawks, or even the rarely seen eagle or rabbit?

I have rarely seen that many rabbits in the wild. I have on occasion come upon them in open prairies and have seen them in neighborhoods around here where I live. They are more common here in Florida than most people think. Squirrels though, I think we have around 3 in every tree and we have 15 trees in the backyard alone. Do I feed them? Yes I do. I feed them in the wild and in the parks. I know I'm not suppose to feed them, but I do it anyway as most of us do. I feed them nuts only. They wait on me each afternoon at the door too. I'm serious. They are so cute.

Fact: Squirrels live in almost every habitat from tropical rainforest to semi-dry deserts, avoiding only the high polar regions and the driest of deserts.

I have often wondered if squirrels existed in jungles where monkeys rule the kingdom of trees. From my research they do exist, just they dont roam as freely as they would in any other wooded area. If I were a squirrel and had a monkey in the same tree or in the tree across from me, I dont think I would be roaming around that much either. Would you? lol

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Happy trails!